Workshop, August 2008, Université Laval, Québec, Canada

Complete description of the workshop: The 1991 study by Barrick and Mount (The Big Five Personality Dimensions and Job Performance: A Meta-analysis) opened the way for a better understanding of the relationship between personality and job performance. The study looked at five large professional groups and the five important factors of the Big Five but did not take into consideration the specificities of the professions within the same group such as operations managers and personnel managers within the larger group of managers. Since then, several other studies have not only confirmed the results of this study but they have also identified stronger levels of correlation between personality and job performance when the specific context and job tasks are also considered as well simple personality traits instead of more general factors such as extroversion and receptivity to experience.

In this workshop, I will demonstrate how personality becomes more useful for certain jobs. I will show how selection processes based on personality and professional interests (PSPI) help predict job performance more efficiently and how valid measurements of personality can accurately represent the abilities required to achieve the tasks inherent in the job descriptions. Firstly, the PSPI were based on the curricula vitae in order to establish the minimum requirements. Secondly, the pre-selected candidates underwent the Performance Carrière psychometric test in order to establish a classified list. This list established the degree of concordance between the psychometric characteristics and the selection criteria of the candidates. The tests were administered blindly, that is without any of the candidates being met beforehand. Thirdly, the candidates were met in the order of their classification and semi-structured interviews were conducted by a committee of four persons that did not have access to the individual results of the psychometric test. Lastly, references were contacted and verified. Following the PSPI, the selection committees recommended the hiring of candidates solely or principally according to the rank achieved on the Performance Carrière test.

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