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  Frequently asked questions

Why use a psychometric test to select personnel?

A well-developed and validated psychometric test allows one to quickly obtain objective results, applicable to the job descriptions.

Performance Carrière allows one to obtain answers to 286 questions whereas the typical 45-minute job interview produces answers to about 15 questions.

Can psychometric tests be easily falsified or biased?

Many independent studies have shown that, contrary to popular opinion, persons do not answer the questions according to what they believe to be socially acceptable or not. During job interviews, persons can adjust their answers to the interviewers and can significantly alter their answers and behaviours. This is not the case when they are alone with a questionnaire.


What is a norm?

A norm represents a significant group of persons to which the results of a standardised test are compared. The purpose of a norm is to understand if a result is similar to the average or if it is different. It is easy to understand why norms are so important and how they ensure the reliability of the interpretations made from the results. Thus, a group of 100 Quebeckers is a better basis for comparison than, for example, a group of 1,000 Californians.

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