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  Case Studies
  • Workshop directed by François Bernatchez, industrial psychologist, at the 15th colloquium of the Association internationale de psychologie du travail de langue française (AIPTLF), August 2008, Université Laval, Québec, Canada.

Summary: Personality is increasingly recognised as a valid predictor of job performance. Mr. François Bernatchez demonstrates that the efficiency of a selection process founded on the personality and professional interests (PSPI) can be effective when making decisions regarding hiring; this validation was achieved following 5 very large selection mandates. During the course of these mandates, the results of the Performance Carrière test enabled the creation of lists of classified candidates. The candidates at the top of the lists were part of the pool of candidates. For example, 200 candidatures for 15 operator positions; 30 persons were selected for the interview; 15 were hired; 100% were still on the job 18 months later; job performance exceeded expectations; significant savings of time and money.

Detailed description of the workshop: Barrick and Mount (1991) study (« The big five personality dimensions and job performance : a meta-analysis ») available ... [click here for more information]


  • Selection of office clerks

39 candidatures submitted to Performance Carrière and the creation of a classification list according to the job requirements. Following interviews, the selection committee chose the 19 top persons on the list. After 6 months on the job, the satisfaction rate of employers and employees was very high. The rate of retention of the clerks was 100%.


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