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  Psychometric test / Schools and counselling

The Performance Carrière psychometric test is a current instrument, tested and recognised for career management as well and personnel selection. It combines two other instruments: a personality test and a professional interests test (Holland’s typology). The purpose of this instrument is to allow practitioners to evaluate and develop critical judgement regarding the realities of their clients.

Thousands of guidance counsellors, youth and adults psychologists in high schools, CEPEPs, universities, private practices, youth employment centres, local employment centres, training centres and other employment-assistance agencies have used this test since 1999. It has been demonstrated that the Performance Carrière instrument supports and increases the expertise of these professionals.

Why use Performance Carrière for school and vocational orientation:

  • to obtain detailed information about the personality and professional interests of a person in order to evaluate, to diagnose, to develop a professional opinion and to establish support plans that have been validated and adapted to the real situations of youth and adults;
  • to identify suggestions for specific occupations that are relevant to how persons function, including their interests as assessed on the Holland scale as well as their personalities;
  • to obtain information related to employability and professional autonomy;
  • to have more options for intervention in case of difficult cases;
  • to obtain results that are exempt of cultural, regional or ethnic biases.



Here are some of the major characteristics of the Performance Carrière test:

  • the test administration is relatively short (about 40 minutes via the Internet or with paper and pencil);
  • it is available in French and English;
  • the results are immediately sent by e-mail and can be retrieved at a later time via a secure intranet;
  • the norms have been adapted to the different clienteles seen by guidance counsellors and psychologists;
  • the results are valid and reliable and include job-related personality traits and professional interests. Each result is linked to behaviours and skills observed in a wide range of work situations. Click here to see an example of the Summary Table of Results of the Performance Carrière test;
  • a simple and effective interpretation guide is included;
  • a 7-page complimentary document titled Rapport d’orientation is also included. The Rapport d’orientation is an interpretation of the Summary Table of Results (available to professionals). It describes several interesting aspects including the typology of students, as well as statistics relating to programmes, trades and professions available to specific persons. The Rapport suggests several new options to explore during an interview and quickly identifies problems that inhibit the exploration of careers.

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