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Psychometric test / Human resources and organisations

The Performance Carrière psychometric test is an objective and reliable instrument. It can be used along with other means already in place for personnel selection. Since 1999, thousands of users of this test have demonstrated it’s reliably in the decision-making process. During the course of analysing a CV and hiring, Performance Carrière can reduce the uncertainty and clarify favourable or unfavourable impressions of candidates. Manpower is the only real competitive edge of organisations.

Performance Carrières offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • the assurance of being able to significantly reduce the labour turnover rate;
  • a significant savings of time and money during the selection process;
  • a rapid and enduring integration of new employees;
  • a sure guarantee in case of legal disputes;
  • results that are not influenced by cultural, regional or ethnic biases;
  • solid support for authorised users.



The main features of the Performance Carrière test are:

Developed by François Bernatchez, an industrial psychologist and a certified human resources professional, the instrument is available in French and English, exclusively through Gestion Carrière (Québec) inc.

On average, the test takes 40 minutes to complete (via the Internet or with paper and pencil) and the results are delivered immediately to the authorised user.

43 validated and reliable results, including job-related personality traits and professional interests. Each result has been tied to behaviours and skills observed in a wide range of situations and jobs.

Click here for an example of the Performance Carrière summary table [Summary table of results, PDF file]

A simple and efficient interpretation guide and training seminars are available.

Just in time” management by the authorised user to administer test on a secure Web site, including the ordering and immediate reception of passwords (piece meal or multiples), administration of the test, storage and recovery of the results according to the various options chosen by the authorised users, and interpretation of the results according to specialised norms (e.g. norms for middle managers and executives, sales persons, etc.).

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